The toolkit for the 2012 Festival of Faiths, Sacred Fire: Light of Compassion, is now available. Since 2009, the Festival of Faiths has provided toolkits, which are designed to educate and inspire common action related to each year’s Festival theme.

This year’s toolkit includes essays and resources from Festival of Faiths keynote speakers, participants and organizers. In keeping with the Festival’s theme, toolkit materials approach the subject of fire as the light of compassion from several viewpoints and address such topics as homelessness, the national Charter for Compassion, nuclear anti-proliferation, social justice and more.

Reflections on how fire influences the customs of various faith traditions as well as our imagination and creativity are also included in the toolkit. There are even questions for further reflection and discussion as well as references to publications, websites, organizations and other resources appropriate to the theme.

To accompany the toolkit essay, “A Model for Compassion,” the 2012 toolkit includes a DVD of the 2003 documentary, “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Pacifist, Nazi Resistor,” directed by Martin Doblmeier and produced by Journey Films.

Copies of the 2012 Festival of Faiths toolkit are available upon request while supplies last. To obtain a copy, send an email to Include “FOF Toolkit” in the subject line of your email and be sure to include the name of who and the address of where to send the toolkit. You may also request a copy by calling (502) 583-3100.