This is week three in our discussion of compassion and wisdom with the world through focusing on the Four Immeasurables: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. The Four Immeasurables come from the Buddhist practice and provide a meditative opportunity to reorient our state of being.

Immeasurable Joy

The Four Immeasurables are the four aspects of true love within us an within everyone and everything. True love brings joy, a joy that is filled with peace and contentment. Joy is a feeling of upliftedness that we should generate slowly in meditation. By focusing on feeling joy for another person even when we do not feel joy for ourselves, we are lead to rejoice when we see others happy as often as we rejoice in our own wellbeing. Having a joyous disposition does not mean we will not experience pain or discomfort from time to time, but it means we will not be without hope.