What brings you joy? We asked, and here’s a sampling of what you had to say…

I am finishing facilitating a 4-session course on being an Artisan of Joy. For me it is about discovering the freedom to choose response over reaction, to develop an attitude of solitude in which I can gain clarity about the uncertainty in the world. Joy comes when I love myself boundlessly and unconditionally while in acknowledgement of my imperfections so that I can love others despite their imperfections. So joy, for me, is found when I am fully awake, aware, and alive to the possibility of life. —Vanessa Hurst

Took out my violin today for the first time in years — tuned it and played it! —Ruth Shuman Rosauer

Yoga is fairly new to me, so it’s not a given that participating in a class led by my daughter online would have brought me joy. But I’m starting to get the hang of it, and it made me very happy. —Nancy Vedder-Shults

What buoys me and brings me joy are the sights and sounds of the world awakening around me.  There are the shoots of tender green breaking through the thawing soil, the song of the larks and robins overflowing with hope and optimism.  In the midst of pandemic and uncertainty, there is hope!  —Kelly Hams Pearson