Our Reflect Series explores the written works of theologians, poets and other wisdom-keepers in search of insight and inspiration. This week’s selection, by Kentucky writer Wendell Berry, was chosen in honor of Father’s Day.

The Gathering – By Wendell Berry | From Collected Poems (1957-1982) 

At my age my father
held me on his arm
like a hooded bird,
and his father held him so.
Now I grow into brotherhood
with my father as he
with his had grown,
time teaching me
his thoughts in my own.
Now he speaks in me
as when I knew him first,
as his father spoke
in him when he had come
to thirst for the life
of a young son. My son
will know me in himself
when his son sits hooded on
his arm and I have grown
to be brother to all
my fathers, memory
speaking to knowledge,
finally, in my bones.