Carrie Newcomer

In addition to performing at the 2022 Festival of Faiths Opening Celebration, acclaimed singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer hosted an intimate songwriting workshop during the festival, Sacred Stories: Contemplation and Connection.

Carrie led around two dozen attendees in meaningful dialogue and guided them through the process of collaborating to create a song. The result is an uplifting anthem entitled “Ready for Change.”

Check out the song below.

By Carrie Newcomer and Attendees of her #FOF2022 Workshop

Song can be sung with a beat, stomp/handclap or with guitar or other instrument chords.


I am willing to change (G)
I am willing to see (G D)
I am ready to trust (G C)
In you (G)
In me (C G)
I am ready for change. (G C G)

There’s a voice and it is mine (C G)
There’s a vision and it is time (C G D)
There is courage, the choice is here (C G)
To live in love and not in fear. (G D G)


There will be push back
And some with say
“Keep on, keep on, doing things
The same old way.”
But together with hope and heart
Keep on, keep on, changing
Each doing our part

I am willing to change
I am willing to see
I am ready to trust
In you (in you)
In me ( in me)
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready for a change.

(Repeat the last line “I am ready for change” as long as you’d like.)